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Dongguan Foxwell Eletronic Co.,Ltd
Address:Shangbian Road,Pu xin Village,Shipai Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China
The phone:0769-88936969
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Cooperation with Foxwell can bring competitive advantage for your company. With more than 20 years of production experience of Foxwell, we look forward to working with you to cooperate. Quality determines the height, we have to our excellent product quality to win many of the world's leading brands of choice, is a lot of world class brands of major wire suppliers.
Foxwell can provide you with all kinds of cables and adapters to PC wire. Include:
High end HDMI cable
High end audio / video line
Digital audio / video line
Home theater audio cable
Loudspeaker and microphone cable
Stage cable
Component video cable
Audio / video line
HDMI cable and adapter
DVI and DFP advertising management system interface cable
LAN cable and accessories
IEEE 1394 cable
USB cable and adapter
CATV cable
TV / computer games cable and accessories
Telephone line
SCART adapter and SCART connection switch box
A / V connectors and adapters

Dongguan Foxwell Electronic Co,Ltd   Company specializing in the production and sale of various types of electronic network digital wire   

Address:Shangbian Road,Pu xin Village,Shipai Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China

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