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Selection and screening method of qualified cable for security engineering

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Selection and screening method of qualified cable for security engineering

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Product acceptance and quality identification.

    User acceptance of the product can be identified from the following several aspects, to determine whether the product is in line with the standard. Considering the possibility that the user has a professional testing equipment is not a simple and effective way to introduce a few:

   1, the main material for the current security cable is copper and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Can be used to identify materials with the naked eye.

   1)Copper conductor must be luster, soft and stretch good, whereas copper conductor gloss differential and black, or oxidation, with hand slightly and pull off the conductor may not up to the standard.

   2) PVC material should be smooth, smooth, clean, if the surface is rough, not only shows that the plastic material, processing technology and plastic performance is poor, at the same time, if the plastic surface of the pores is large, it is easy to damp and affect the product performance. The tensile strength is also very important, it is possible to use the hand to pull off the quality of the material is not qualified.

  3) was observed within the cable structure, cable core whether tensile protection of filling materials, the use of this kind of material can effectively protect the stability of the internal structure of the cable and improve the products in the construction of tensile strength.

  4) use micrometer measuring product size, thickness, diameter fit

  2, structure process detection

  The user in the product acceptance process, structure of cable sheath peel products detection. Can focus on the following several projects:

  1) copper conductor is stranded in a significant proportion of informal manufacturers is omitted in this important procedure, copper conductor is stranded can produce conductor structure instability, cable in the bending state, construction is easy to cause insulator cracking or conductor pierce insulating layer.

   2) cable pitch is too large cable pitch refers to the node from the multi conductor cable in the production process of the core wire. Some manufacturers in order to control the cost, improve the production rate, often to enlarge the cable section distance. So the product of the soft bending, the internal structure is not stable, so that the use of cable products.

  3) the insulating plastic should be tightly packed on the conductor and does not damage the conductor, and the conductor may not be the core.

  4) the outer sheath is closely coated on the inner structure, the gap is not too large, and the outer sheath and the inner structure of the outer jacket have a polyester wound coating to prevent the adhesion between each other.

  5) the quality of shielded cable is very important in the security system engineering. Requires close, regular and smooth. In addition to the production process requirements of production enterprises, production equipment is very important, at present, the main domestic An Fang cable companies are using high precision PLC control of the weaving machine, this type of equipment to produce the product structure is stable, the arrangement rules, to ensure a good shielding performance.

  6) diameter, roundness can be unified. Most of the security and cable used in the project, the main consideration is the production of the product structure is stable, reliable transmission performance, so the appearance of the roundness is not deliberately stressed.

  3, professional equipment testing

  More accurate detection method is to increase the professional testing equipment, or commissioned by specialized agencies for product testing. Routine inspection and testing equipment are as follows:


Voltage endurance test - Test Stand

Structure check - projector or measuring microscope

Conductor resistance - direct current bridge

Body -- the filament diameter micrometer

Power test -- a thousand meter

Anti pull force


  4, other considerations
  Cable delivery length, packing quality, quality, certification, marking the standard uniform, factory name, address, telephone number, and so on.
  Product additional functions and value added services
  Excellent security and cable production enterprises, with excellent product quality and perfect service, in the industry not only has a good corporate and brand image, but also for the user in the security system to provide more additional functions of product applications. Such as in common security cable function based, an increase of flame retardant, antifreeze function; wire and cable identification realized to spurt the code length meter, to convenient user-friendly construction; for example, for users provide products long delivery and recovery    project in residual fraction line services, standing in the user's position control material waste. Part of the strength of the security cable companies with the continuous expansion of the scale of enterprises, service awareness is increasingly enhanced, the scope of service has been extended from the simple sense of the supply system to provide users with system solutions, from direct product expansion to participate in the project bidding and investment projects,  participate in project construction, acceptance and maintenance and other important links.
   Provide advanced solutions for customers to solve practical problems encountered in the construction of security engineering, fully embody the added function of the product and the value added service. Allow users to purchase products, really appreciate the value for money.
   Master the right to buy security cable method, select one or a few good product performance, affordable, timely delivery, service and thoughtful, good reputation of the manufacturers as a long-term partner is very necessary.



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