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Cable industry market exploration

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Cable industry market exploration

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   Wire and cable is a complete industrial supporting products, the national revitalization plan stressed that the domestic advanced technology, so wire and cable companies should catch the opportunity to develop advanced special wire and cable. Although can not say that all of the industry can be from the middle of a cake, but can be clearly felt in the machine in the field of mechanical manufacturing, the traditional wire and cable products can not meet the requirements of the ideal. At the same time, the development of special cable can not be separated from the research of materials.In the history, to cross linked polyethylene cable, for example, assuming that the last century did not force to achieve chemical three kinds of cross-linked polyethylene materials made in china, now the popularization of various kinds of wire and cable is not achieved.


A variety of wire and cable
....1, frequency conversion power cable (1 ~ 35 kV);

2, large length of the tunnel excavator (or shield machine) with the cable;

3, fully automated port with port machinery cable;

4, a large modern chemical plant equipment and process matching with bus cable;

5, nuclear reactor core enhance cable (special);

6, rail transportation machine vehicle control cable (requirements for thin insulation);

7, rail traffic signal cable;

8, track traffic power supply cable;

9, high speed rail locomotive with thin insulation cable

10,high shielding and high reliability of the signal cable (high shielding and high reliability) of the cable;

11, the supporting cables of the large coal mining unit;

12, the large open pit excavator supporting cables;

13, information engineering 3G transmission tower with supporting cables (such as lightning protection type cable);

14, miniature coaxial cable (foam type);

15, all kinds of work light copper core integrated cable;

16, large wind power generation unit supporting the cable (grid connected);

17, the car with copper clad steel wire cable;
18, new energy vehicles with supporting cables (with the possibility of aluminum core);

19, shielding braid with copper foil shielding wire and cable,;

20, strengthen type (tensile and bending soft cable;

21, rubber insulated high pressure water pump with winding cable (10 kV and below);

22, economic construction with electric wire development (with electricity
Line, pipeline and total cost calculation of construction;

23, irradiation cross-linked F40 insulated aerial wires;

24, special high temperature motor lead wire;

25, special exploration umbilical tape cable.
... two, cable insulation and sheath material
....1, resistance to irradiation of silicone rubber.
....2, warm water crosslinking silane grafted three EPDM insulation and sheath material.
High performance, such as,.3, modified polyester, etc..
....4, special thermoplastic elastomer.
....5, the development of wire and cable with a variety of irradiation of rubber type.
....6, thermoplastic non - high - filled low smoke and low smoke flame retardant cable material (about 1).


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