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Dongguan SAN ju palastic,LTD
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Quality Supervisor

Datetime:2015-08-29   Click:321

1, rich experience in quality management and control of the connecting line industry, responsible for the quality control system and quality management of entire firm;

2, can effectively reduce the incoming, shipping rate, improve the production line;

3, good communication skills, reasonable handling of customer complaints;

4, must be very familiar with the quality management and control of the cable industry, does not match the people do not try.

Please bring your resume and related documents (identity card, diploma or other certificate, etc.)

Company name: Dongguan City San Ju Plastic Co. Ltd.

Phone: 0769-88936969

Address: Dongguan City Shek Pai Zhen Pu Xin Cun Pu Xin Bian Industrial Zone on the road

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