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Improve the employment environment to attract talent to keep people

Datetime:2015-08-05   Click:297

Improve the employment environment to attract talent to keep people

Release date: 2015-04-25 clicks: 168


  To improve the employment environment, to build a harmonious labor relations is to promote the common development of enterprises and employees. In recent years, the county actively guide enterprises to build the integrity of the brand, is committed to building a harmonious employment environment, and strive to promote the development of human development and economic stability. --


  In Dongguan holy torch line art factory spacious bright workshop, crimp, assembly plugins, shielding lines one by one process live is tense and orderly. The factory nearly 200 employees each seriously skilled in doing in the hands of the FRET live, attention and harmonious atmosphere full of the whole workshop.
  In front of the young man named Xiao Liu, Sichuan to Guangdong to work, he is a from the Dongguan factory over the deployment of technology, industry and trade, in the factory work for almost three years. We have to improve for the workshop pilots tune. Xiao Liu happily told reporters that the plant is very concerned about the staff, he is here to enjoy the treatment of Dongguan plant, a month has 2400 yuan of revenue.

[Dongguan holy torch line art factory employees Liu: Here we enjoy the treatment of the Dongguan factory, the boss gave us to buy health insurance and social security, here we stay free, (manufacturers) returned to the US housing subsidies, so that we can remove the worries, let us feel at ease to work here. ]
  It is understood that Dongguan holy torch line art factory is my county three years ago investment over a vigorous development of enterprise, the factory has always adhered to the "employee" win-win principle, implementing the humanized management, create incentive mechanism, strengthen staff competition for posts, to enhance staff's creative space.

[Dongguan holy torch line art factory director Wu Xiaoming: Holy torch company also provide a very good platform for development, through continuous training, let our employees from ordinary workers to skilled workers and senior technical workers can with the improvement of the ability to work and promotion. Let them have a relatively large space for development, so that they feel that there is an opportunity to improve their ability here, but also to stay in the factory. ]
  In addition to continuously improve the wages and welfare treatment, in recent years, the factory also attaches great importance to the staff of amateur cultural life, has added a staff club, KTV room, table tennis, badminton, basketball courts, venues, adds a fun, a wonderful, let them home warm is the staff of life. Because of the continuous improvement of the employment environment, more and more foreign workers are willing to stay in the factory.
[Dongguan holy torch line art factory director Wu Xiaoming: in the lives of the employees also tried to improve increase many entertainment facilities, so that our employees in work or holidays, enjoy the life fun, let them to feel more at ease to work in a factory. ]
[Dongguan holy torch line art factory employees Liu: holiday company will arrange we go out travel, dinner, give us the meticulous care, let us feel the home like warmth. ]
[Dongguan holy torch line art factory employees: (in the factory) feel very appropriate, there is a warm, so I am willing to here for service companies, and (hopefully) have a better development. ]
  In recent years, with the growth of the number of enterprises in our county and the expansion of the scale, it provides a broad employment space for foreign employees and local rural workers. How to let the workers live and work in peace and contentment, the county actively guide enterprises to build brand credibility, is committed to improve the employment environment in, to build a harmonious labor relations, to raise the salary and welfare, improve the living facilities, rich enterprise culture as to attract workers from the "olive branch, enabled the staff to establish long-term rooted consciousness; and earnestly implement workers industrial injury insurance, medical insurance, pension and other social security work, protect the rights and interests of workers, to meet the spiritual needs of employees, to keep people pay more attention to.



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