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Cable specification model representation

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Cable specification model representation

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Model meaning:
R connected by flexible cable (wire), soft structure.
V - PVC insulation. PVC insulated PVC sheathed v v
(B flat flat).
S twisted pair. A tin or silver plated.
F - high temperature
P P2 braided shielding copper shielded steel tape armored P22
Y - prefabricated, generally omitted, or polyolefin sheath
FD - product category code, refers to the branch cable. Will be promulgated by the Ministry of construction standards with FZ said, in fact, the same quality
YJ - crosslinked polyethylene insulation
V - PVC insulation or jacket
ZR flame retardant
NH - fire type
WDZ - halogen free low smoke flame retardant
WDN - halogen free low smoke fire type
For example: 75-5-1 SYV (A, B, C)
S: Y: C:128, B:96, V:, PVC sheath, PVC sheath, A:64
75:75 ohm 5: wire diameter is 5MM 1: on behalf of the single core
75-5-1 SYWV
S: Y: W: polyethylene insulation V: physical foaming PVC sheath
75:75 ohm 5: cable diameter of 5MM 1: on behalf of a single core
For example: RVV2*1.0 BVR RVVP2*32/0.2
R: VV: double P shielding sheath wire cord
2:2 core 32 strands: each core has 32 copper wire 0.2: each wire diameter of 0.2MM
ZR: flame retardant R: cord S: twisted pair
2:2 core 24 strands: each core has 24 copper wire 0.12: each wire diameter of 0.12MM


Model name
RV copper conductor, PVC insulated cable (wire)
AVR copper core PE insulated flat flexible cable (wire)
RVB copper core PVC flat wire connection
RVS copper core PVC stranded wire
RVV copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed circular connection cable
ARVV tin copper conductor, PVC insulated, PVC sheathed flat cable
RVVB copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat cable
RV 105 copper core heat resistance 105oC PVC insulated and PVC insulated cable
AF205AFS250AFP250 silver plated PVC fluorine plastic insulated high temperature 60oC~250oC soft wire connection.


2, the meaning of the specification
  ①Specifications of the core number, the nominal cross section and voltage level
Single core branch cable specification: the same loop cable root number * (1* nominal cross section), 0.6/1KV,
Such as: +1*95 (1*185) 0.6/1KV 4*
  ②The multi-core twisted branch cable specification representation: the same loop cable number * nominal cross section, 0.6/1KV,
Such as: 0.6/1KV 4**185+1*95
  ③Multi core support with branch cable specifications: type cable core number * nominal cross section of -T, such as: 4 * 25-
Estimation of load flow of insulated conductor


Multiple relationship between the load flow and cross section of the aluminum conductor insulation
Lead cross section (mm 2) 2.5461016253550 7095120
Carrying flow is Section 2.5 9876543.53
Carrying capacity (A) 123150210238300 9142332486090100
The estimation formula: two point five multiplied by nine, to go up by a smooth number. Thirty-five by three point five, both groups to reduce five. Conditions have changed, high temperature ten percent off copper upgrade. Intubation root number two three four, eight seven forty percent off full flow.


Description: (1) this section formulas of various insulation line (rubber and plastic insulated wire) load flow (current) is not directly pointed out, but "cross-section multiplied by a certain multiple" to express, through the mental arithmetic and. From table 53 it can be seen that the multiple increases with the increase of the cross section. "Two point five times nine, to go up to minus 1," said 2.5mm 'and the following sections of the aluminum core insulation line, the load flow is about 9 times the number of cross sections. Such as 2.5mm 'lead, the load flow is 2.5 * 9 = 22.5 (A). From 4mm 'and above conductor ampacity and section number of the multiple relationship is along the line number to the row and multiple successive minus L, 4 x 8, 6 x 7, 10 x 10 6, 16 x 5, 25 x 4. "Thirty-five by three point five, both groups of five", said the 35mm "lead to the number of traffic flow is 3.5 times, that is 35 x 3.5 = 122.5 (A). From 50mm 'and above, the multiple relationship between the load flow and the number of the cross section is changed into two groups of two lines, and the multiple is reduced by 0.5. That is, the load flow of 50, 70mm 'lead is 3 times of the cross section; 95, 120mm' lead is 2.5 times the number of cross-sectional area, and so on. "The conditions are changed, the high temperature ten percent off copper upgrade".


The above formula is aluminum core insulation wire, surface temperature of 25 DEG C in the environmental conditions and the. If the aluminum core insulation line next deposited at ambient temperature higher than the long-term area of 25 DEG C, carrying capacity of the wire, can according to the above formula is calculated, and then discount can; when not using aluminum but copper core insulated wires and the carrying capacity to slightly larger than the same specification aluminum, according to the above formula method to calculate than aluminum increase a line number of the current carrying capacity. If the flow load of copper wire, according to the 16mm '25mm2 aluminum calculation



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