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What is video line

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What is video line

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Video cable is a cable used to transmit video signal (VIDEO), which can be used as a signal transmission of the monitoring system.
General model:
SYV75-X (X stands for its insulation diameter 3mm/5mm, the larger the number is, the larger the diameter is).
S--- SYV coaxial RF cable, Y--- polyethylene, V--- PVC.
Video lines are divided into (75) the characteristic impedance of the line:
The transmission distance (100 m) of 75-3 can work normally.
The transmission distance (300 m) of 75-5 can work normally.
75-7 can work normally in transmission distance (500-800 m)
75-9 can work normally in transmission distance (1000-1500 m)
Commonly used types are generally syv75-5, the same manufacturers may also offer different prices of products, the specific difference is the copper is copper or copper clad aluminum, or outside the shielding layer of the copper core hank number, such as: 96 series (composed of 96 root fine copper core braided), 128 code, etc.. The number of series more, shielding performance is better, so this in the procurement of products need be paid attention to.


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